Mudroom Building & Installation

A space for everything!

     Many homes in our area lack sufficient closet space and, when you enter the home, there you are in the living room. This means coats & shoes pile up, and dirt gets tracked through the house. This unmanaged mess creates an unsettled feeling for many, and if that is you, a mudroom is what you need!

     A mudroom creates a space for everything that piles up in the entryway of your home! Now, everyones shoes, coats, backpacks, and outdoor gear has a place that is “put away.” When you sit back in your living room to enjoy your accomplishments, you’ll feel settled with this mess out of the way.

     We create and install custom mudrooms tailored to the specific needs of your family. Contact us today to begin designing your dream mudroom!

How we make it possible

     Are you looking at your living room thinking “I don’t have enough space for a mudroom?” We have a solution for that! Since most homes in the Burlington VT area are small our preferred approach for adding a mudroom is to bump out the front door and install the mudroom onto the front of the house. We do this by integrating the roof line into your existing roof line and adding on stairs or a small deck that complements the new addition.

     Envision this… Covering up your old concrete stairs with a beautiful mudroom. Adding space for chairs to sit comfortably out front. All of a sudden you are transforming your home into what you’ve always wanted! A space that is more comfortable and enjoyable for the entire family.

Ready to begin planning?

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