Window & Door Installation

Window Installation

Seeking a contractor to install new windows in your Colchester, Vermont area home? Look no further because honestly, very few contractors can compare. Chris, the owner of Precision Home Improvement, is a weatherization expert with years of experience. Initially, he can tell you whether or not the project will accomplish what you want, and in the end, you’ll know the installation was done correctly because, a small mistake on your installation could devalue the entire project.

One thing you don’t plan for in your window installation is exterior rot repair. Because many homes in our area lack proper eves to keep driving rain off the siding we end up finding many rotten rough openings. When these challenges occur, it’s important to have a well seasoned builder managing your project. We’ll make your home better, no matter what!

Door Installation

     Thinking of swapping out your exterior doors? Or maybe upgrading all the hollow doors, to solid wood doors in your home? This is the perfect job for the team at Precision Home Improvement. While it doesn’t sound large and extravagant like many of the other upgrades we perform, these are important details that cannot be overlooked. Moreover for us, these are considered smaller projects which we need to fit in between the larger ones we do.

     If you need help with door installation in Colchester, VT – look no further than Precision Home Improvement!

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