Kitchen Remodeling

Bring Family & Friends Together

     One room in the house tends to be the one that everyone congregates in. The Kitchen is where homework is done, decisions get made, celebrations occur, and caring friends mingle. The kitchen is the epicenter of most homes – does your kitchen feel like an epicenter for entertainment? Or does it feel like a place you’d rather avoid? If you are like most homeowners in our area, your kitchen could use a bit of love. Now is the time to begin planning a kitchen renovation with Precision Home Improvement that will provide the space you’ve aways wanted. 

     In all transparency, Covid has greatly affected the building industry. Materials are more expensive and many homeowners are competing to complete similar projects. As a result, timelines could be longer than expected however, this provides ample time to plan, and afford, the kitchen of your dreams!



The Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted

     Kitchen design varies from designer to designer, and from homeowner to homeowner. Because it’s a very family centric space, the kitchen is often designed to meet specific family needs. We work with designers from all over the Colchester, VT area to scope and plan kitchen designs that are both functional, and beautiful. The most common upgrades we make to kitchens include:

  • New cabinets.
  • New lighting fixtures and under cabinet lighting.
  • High grade counter tops that include concrete, marble, and soap stone.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring, or tile, that can be heated as well.
  • Installation of new appliances.

Our  Kitchen Renovations often fit into one of these three categories

A Budget Remodel

$8,000 - $15,000
Designed to last a shorter period of time, often to meet a need, or to help sell a home. These renovations use less expensive materials that help save on cost while providing a high grade of usability.

10 Year Remodel

$15,000 - $25,000
This approach estimates a longer life span than the Budget Remodel and often brings current trends into the kitchen. By using medium grade materials we save money, while creating an exceptional space.

Legacy Kitchens

$25,000 +
This approach is timeless. We help you select only the best materials, and lean on kitchen trends overtime to create a space that will never go out of style. One that will transcend generations and add exceptional value to the home.

Ready to begin planning?

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