Home Additions near Colchester, Vt

     The professionals at Precision Home Improvement perform 4 primary home addition services for our clients that live across Chittenden County, VT. By focusing exclusively on building mud rooms, finishing basements, adding porches and decks, and installing dormers, we establish expertise around the work we do. For you the customer, you see these skills reflected in the way we work with you, the way we keep your space tidy during construction, and in the finish quality of our jobs. Please also realize that our economy, and the construction industry, is under a lot of pressure right now. Some supplies can be hard to get, and the cost of materials is very high. The good news is that we are scheduling work out at least 6 months so, there is a good chance that the materials for your project will come down in price once you are scheduled. Get in touch with us today, to begin planning your project!

What can Precision Home Improvement do for you?

Mud Room Building

A place for everything.

Basement Finishing

Adds valuable square footage to your home.

Porches & Decks

Space for the whole family to enjoy.

Dormer Installation

Add light, and space, to your new (or old) room.

     An addition to a home can go up, or it can go out to expand the homes footprint. How, when, and where we choose the approach comes down to the homeowners vision and budget. When going out, a large chunk of the projects cost goes directly into the ground. This means it pays for foundation, walls, roof, and infrastructure for the new space. When going up, the cost instead goes into preserving and reinforcing what it there so it can be built upon. Either way, the adding additional square footage to your home will make it more usable, more comfortable, and will more than likely increase the overall value. We will help you decide what will work best for your project!

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