What Exactly is a Dormer?

     A dormer is a bump out in the design of a homes roof. Often used on Capes, or homes with steep roof lines. A dormer creates more usable space, and headspace within a room. 

     Here in Burlington Vermont, dormers are widely used for a variety of projects and uses. In old down town homes dormers are used to convert attic space into apartments. And, in single family homes, dormers are used to convert attic space into walk-in closets and other private, useful areas. How the space is used is ultimately up to the homeowner but the approach is the same – take a steep roof, cut a very large hole in it, add windows, and put the roof back on. These windows, also make many of Burlington’s underutilized viewpoints, usable to the owners. Bonus! 

Why Precision Home Improvement?

     There are many companies to choose from in our area when it comes to installing a dormer on your home. At the end of the day, this project hinges on a few variable items, that not every company can get correct. It takes a lot of hands to get this job done, and we want your job done as quickly as possible because weather can be fickle to plan around. 

     Over many years we’ve cultivated deep relationships with our contractors that helps us plan these projects and move them when necessary. That’s actually a benefit of working with a smaller company! The bigger contractors often get locked into bigger jobs and, when a small project like this goes sideways, it can cause heartburn for the homeowners. When it comes to completing your install quickly and efficiently, you can trust Precision Home Improvement to be the contractor you want in your corner.

Ready to begin planning?

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